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What is the difference between the five courses?
A digestible amount of blah, blah about each design course. Including course durations, curriculums, assessments as well as the units of competency you can achieve.

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About The Graphic Design School

The Graphic Design School specialises in delivering graphic design courses. We eat, breathe, sleep and LOVE design. Our team of tutors are all hand selected and only the best will do! All are currently working within the industry and have a passion for teaching. Apart from being great designers themselves, all are accredited teachers. They have excelled within their respective careers, have good portfolios and are able to inspire students with their industry relevant feedback. Our students benefit from having one tutor dedicated to their development and learning throughout their course, but are also able to communicate with the whole team through the online School Forum. Students are able to ask the team questions, network with one another and share information. Tutors are able to give expert advice on the assessments covered, and draw on their collective exprience to inspire and guide students.

How do we deliver our courses?

We provide self-paced, online learning services to learners throughout Australia and the world. Self-Paced delivery option is perfect if you would like to learn in your own time and in your own home. There’s no need to attend any face-to- face classes as you’ll receive all course materials along with access to the school’s resources online. You will find the materials you need to study online in your very own student secure area that we call the ‘Schoolyard’. In the Schoolyard you will have access to your learning and assessments, your records, information about units of competency and how they relate to the course content, written software training, software training videos, templates for you to complete your assessments, an e-library, a gallery for your work, an uploader to submit your assessments directly to your tutor, useful links to research resources, and learner support via our ever popular forum.

Our Mission

The Graphic Design School’s mission is to deliver quality training assessment that meets the needs of learners and industry.

Our Objectives

In recognition of our mission, The Graphic Design School strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • People. We strive to attract, recruit and retain talented, competent and committed people. We promote excellent performance through leadership and professional development.
  • Safety and equality. We are committed to providing an environment which is safe, equitable and which promotes a confident and productive training environment.
  • Integrity and ethics. We conduct ourselves in accordance with shared and agreed standards of behaviour which holds ethical conduce and integrity as out highest priorities.
  • Quality committed. We aspire to deliver consistent high quality services and apply quality systems which support training excellence.
  • Learner centred. We thrive on providing training that is learner centred and which supports lifelong learning. We respect our clients and strive to attract them time after time through high quality training experiences.
  • Industry engagement. We recognise the value of industry engagement as the driving force in shaping our training and assessment strategies. We deliver training and assessment services which are founded on industry needs and expectations.
How do I enrol?

Enrolment is provided online via the TGDS website. After you have read about the course and gone through this information handbook you simply go to the web page ‘Prices & Enrolments’. Candidates will need to fill in an enrolment form. After the enrolment form is completed and you have been approved by the school for immediate enrolment you may proceed to checkout. After payment is made you will receive a confirmation email of enrolment. Within 48 hours you will receive your unique access codes to TGDS online learning area (the Schoolyard). Once you have received your access codes you can start your first module immediately. Candidates who have indicated that they have special support needs will have a member of staff contact them within 48 hours (during business hours). Candidates under the age of 18 will need to enrol with permission of their legal guardian.

What is VET?

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is based on nation- ally endorsed Training Packages which identify specific skills and knowledge applied in the workplace. Candidates for a VET qualification must demonstrate the skills and knowledge identified in a training package and be judged ‘competent’ in the selected units of competency to be eligible for the award of the qualification.

The qualifications are part of a national system. This means that when you gain a CUA40720 Certificate IV in Design, it may be used towards a Diploma, then Advanced Diploma or a Bachelors degree. So, if your career goals include a pathway to further study at a university, the CUA40720 Certificate IV in Design is a great start. You may use it at a University or College with higher levels of study and it may help with admission and possibly credits. Plus your portfolio of course. Fantastic.


The Graphic Design School recognises the responsibilities and undertakings
required of a Registered Training Organisation to meet and maintain systems that comply with the AQF Framework and Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015 for quality training and assessment in a continuing RTO.
Reference to these laws, regulations and standards are listed below, you will also find them mentioned throughout this handbook and the course:

  • Privacy of information in the Schoolyard and in our School records.
  • How to acknowledge sources in your student work.
  • Email, web and forum etiquette.
  • Rights of all people and how to complain if you feel harassed by a fellow student or staff.
  • Student feedback opportunities.
  • Students will complete learning modules within the course that relate to legislation around Copyright and Intellectual property rights, employer rights and obligations, environmental sustainability in design and plagiarism.

Our Continuous Improvement of Services

The Graphic Design School Pty Ltd Pty Ltd is committed to the continuous
improvement of its training and assessment services, student services and
management systems. Central to this commitment is our approach to continuous improvement and the procedures we apply to achieve systematic and sustained improvement. Students are encouraged to provide feedback so we can improve our services in the future. The Graphic Design School will notify students before a major improvement or upgrade is commenced, and will make every effort to minimise disruption to student services. All other minor upgrades to course materials can be found in the Versioning tab of the Schoolyard. Any time lost to students as the result of course or website upgrade will not be recompensed by way of refund or course extension.

Transitioning, Improvement & Upgrade of Student Services

The Graphic Design School Pty Ltd is required to adhere to Australian educational standards and legislation. This may result in necessary changes to training and assessment services, student services and management systems. The Graphic Design School will notify students before a major upgrade is commenced, and will make every effort to minimise disruption to student services. Any time lost to students as the result of course or website upgrade will not be recompensed by way of refund or course extension.

The Graphic Design School guarantees to advise students of any changes to the services provided under agreement as soon as practicable, including any changes of ownership.

Making Complaints & Appeals

The Graphic Design School is committed to providing a fair, inexpensive complaints and appeals process.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is negative feedback about services or staff which has not been
resolved locally. A complaint may be received by The Graphic Design School in any form and does not need to be formally documented by the complainant in order to be acted on. Complaints may be made by any person but are generally made by students and/or employers.

What is an assessment appeal?

An assessment appeal is an application by a student for reconsideration of an unfavourable decision or finding in assessment. An appeal must be made in writing and specify the particulars of the decision or finding in dispute. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days of the decision be provided to the student.

Early resolution of complaints and appeals

In all cases, issues that arise during training and assessment that are the source of frustration or are in dispute should be resolved at the time they occur between the persons involved.

Complaint handling

We take complaints very seriously. Should you find that you feel the need to
make a compliant for any reason, please feel free to talk to us openly about your concerns. We pride ourselves on being of the ’approachable’ variety.
How to lodge a complaint:

  • If you have a complaint you may email or telephone the school at info@thegraphicdesignschool.com or 0299183285. You may request an official complaints form to be filled in and emailed back to us.
  • Your tutor will be contacted (if applicable to the case) and the complaint made known to him/her.
  • The school will investigate the complaint and make every effort to find resolution to the complaint.

Assessment appeals handling

If you believe that you have been given an unfair assessment decision you can appeal the decision. All appeals must be lodged within 28 days of assessment decision.
How to lodge an appeal:

  • If you have an appeal you may email or telephone the school at support@thegraphicdesignschool.com or 0299183285. You may request an official appeals form to be filled out.
  • We will handle your appeal within 5 working days.
  • If necessary an alternate Tutor or second Assessor may be appointed to review the students work and results.
  • If the appeal against results is deemed fair the student will have a second opportunity to be reassessed.
  • If the assessment decision was deemed fair, the student will have a second opportunity to re-do, re-submit and be reassessed.
  • Should resolution be a challenge a skype meeting can be arranged.
  • An email to the CEO may be sent at the above stated email address if the student is still unsatisfied with the results, they CEO will respond within 5 working days.
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