Hello! My Name is Andy Rayson

I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. I work full time, so studying online at my own pace was a really great way to get into design. Now I’m working freelance, I have an online shop and I designed a t-shirt range. I love old movies, good books, the outdoors, fish n chips, drawing and making things. The TGDS course was a fantastic experience, I’ve learnt so much, met some awesome people and been supported all the way by the wonderful team at TGDS.

Some of my work

Personal Identity

ar perso des 1

ar perso 1

ar perso 2

ar perso 3

French Press

ar press 1

ar press 2

ar press 3

ar press 4

ar press 5

Penguin Award Entry 2013 - Module 10

The Big Sleep - Book Cover & Illustration

ar book 1

ar book 2

The Tale of the Whale - Module 10

Book Cover Illustration

ar whale 1

ar whale 2 ar whale 3

Movie Poster, Metropolis - Module 10

ar metro 2 ar metro 3

Campaign Concept, Wesfest - Module 10

ar shark 1

ar shark 2

ar card 1

ar shark 3

ar shark 4

Fountain Magazine - Module 10

ar fount 1

ar fount 2

ar mag 1

ar mag 2

ar mag 3

ar mag 4 ar mag 5

The Strongarm Challenge - Module 10

ar strong 1

ar strong 2 ar strong 3