Hello! My Name is David Bignell

Lifting the lid on graphic design throughout this course has been exciting and challenging. The course material is well written and researched. The tutors have been sensational. They are real world industry professionals with a passion for design and the ability to share that skill with you.

If you’re looking to get past the surface and dive into the deeper into all things graphic design this course will not disappoint you at all. I really feel that I have developed a solid base of skills as a result of this course and I’m already receiving interest from a few agencies here in my local town.

Thankyou TGDS.

Some of my work


db stardust 1

db stardust 2 db stardust 3


db mars 1

Icons Design

db rel 4


db market 2 db market 3

db market 4

db market 5

db market 6

Corporate Identity

db circ 3

db circ 2

db circ 1

db med 1 db med 2

db med 3 db med 4 db med 6

Magazine Tutorial

db lion 1

db lion 2

db lion 3

Special Forces Badge

db army 1 db army 2