Hello! My Name is Robert Alexander

Arghh! I just spilt my coffee… Hi, I’m Robbie and as much as I’d like to tell you how much I Iove coffee stained pants, sadly I don’t. I like Great Danes, fresh new shoes and I also love everything about design.

The great thing about TGDS and their online course is that you can take it anywhere with you and it fits in nicely with the rest of life.

I now work as a freelance designer in my hometown of Melbourne. A town that constantly inspires me and thanks to the course and all the lovely people at TDGS I now see everything with a fresh pair of eyes.

Follow the process of my module work so far

Corporate Identity Campaign

Robbie Alex cull 01

Java Love

RA  7  java love logo 1

RA  7  java love logo 5


RA  8  icons 1

RA  8  icons 3

Type & Image Study

RA  9  layout design 1

RA  9  layout design 2

Magazine layout

Magazine Advertisement

RA  6  magazine comp